New Classes: Our Summer Skill Series!

Summer Shawl Skills:

Shawls for all! This summer, join us at Knit Locally for a series of skill classes designed to turn you into an expert shawl knitter! These classes focus on techniques that are commonly used in gorgeous shawl patterns, but are also helpful for any kind of project. Take one class, or take them all!

All classes are from 10:30 am – 12 pm.

$25 each session

Session 1: New Beginnings – Cast Ons June 9

It all starts at the cast on. Get your project off to the best start possible as we cover several of  the most common cast on techniques, including a provisional cast-on and garter tab cast-on.

Session 2: What Goes Up Must Come Down – Increases and Decreases: June 16

Because it’s all about that shape…no trouble! This class covers the most common ways to increase and decrease your stitches, which contribute to the overall shawl shape, as well as let you create intricate stitch patterns and texture.

Session 3: Feeling Lacey? Reading Lace Charts and Lace Knitting Tips: June 23

Holey knitting, batman. Get over your fear of lace and conquer reading a lace chart. Plus, tips and tricks for following lace patterns, common stitches, and what to do when good lace goes bad.

Session 4: Let’s Get Twisted: Cable Stitches: June 30

One of the most recognizable knitting designs is the cable. Create this beautiful crossed texture in 1/1 and 2/2 cable stitches, know when to go left or right, and learn to cable without a needle!

Session 5: If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put Some Bling On It! : Beads: July 14

Beads make your knitting look extra fancy and add additional design elements. Learn several ways to add beads to your knitting and tips for choosing the right bead for your design.

Session 6: Crossing the Finish Line: Bind-Offs: July 21

You did it! You’re finally finished! End on the right note with the best bind-off for your pattern. We will cover several ways to bind-off, including stretchy bind-offs and the picot bind-off.

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