CLASS: Adventures in Stranded Colorwork, September 21

Add color and design to your knit projects with stranded colorwork!

Adventures in Stranded Colorwork
Saturday, September 21
1-4 p.m.
$45 OR
$20 with purchase of Colors of Reywa Cowl Kit

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In honor of the arrival of the Colors of Reywa Cowl kit, we’re offering a special class price of $20 with kit purchase!

We’re offering a special class price with purchase of the Colors of Reywa Cowl kit.

Learn to knit stranded colorwork with two colors per row. Whether you knit English or Continental, you will learn how to tension both yarns and how to carry the floats in the back of the work to create an even fabric in the front. 

Student Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with how to knit and knit in the round.

What You’ll Learn: 

● How to read a colorwork pattern 

● Understanding gauge and needle size and how colorwork affects these 

● How to tension the yarn in either your right hand, left hand or both to carry the first and second color in the pattern 

● How to use a finger yarn guide 

● How to carry and tension or “catch” floats 

Materials Provided: 

● Colors of Reywa Kit includes pattern

● Simple two color colorwork chart if not purchasing kit

What to Bring: 

● Pen or Pencil 

Colors of Reywa Cowl Kit (optional)

  • Two contrasting fingering weight yarns if you are not purchasing the cowl kit. We recommend a non-superwash yarn, such as Cascade 220 Fingering.

● 24 inch circular needles in size needed to achieve gauge. We recommend bringing several sizes to find the best size for your tension, including US3 (3.25 mm) and US4 (3.5mm)